[GUIDE} What is this POSDEC CHG

What is this POSDEC CHG
What is this POSDEC CHG

If you use ICICI bank account, then you must have seen some charges of ₹ 29 in your account.
Most of these charges are debited from your account three times in a row, i.e., ₹ 29 + ₹ 29 + ₹ 29 = ₹ 87.

But have you ever noticed on why ICICI Bank is making these charges?
If you see the statement from your bank account, then in every transaction you will see a transaction ID.
And when it deducts Rs 29, the Transaction Id can be seen written in POSDEC CHG.
In this article, we will talk about what it means and why the bank charged.

The bank has done these charges to me many times, but I never understood why it was charging.

After doing some research in this, I found a post which explains what POSDEC CHG means.

I know that I am not the only one who gets to see these charges cut, so I thought that what I have found is to write an article for all those people who want to know what these charges are.

These charges are levied when a transaction is decried in a Non-ICICI Bank ATM or an online transaction.

ICICI Bank’s official Twitter account explains the lack of transactional decline due to lack of sufficient balance in ICICI Bank account.

So if you do not have enough money in your account and you are withdrawing so much money bells.ineither from the ATM of a non-ICICI bank account, or you are shopping online on a website, if the transaction gets repaired then the money will come to your account. Later these charges are deducted.

But why do these charges be cut thrice?
The reason for cutting three times is told that the payment gateway where the transaction takes place tries not once but three times to connect to the bank account, but the transaction of three times fails because there is not enough money, so show charging Go.

Is it right to charge the customer three times?
By the way, if the transaction is happening once, no matter how many times it is on the backend if the money is not deducted, then the one-time charge should be ₹ 29.

Charging money three times shows the bank’s ignorance towards its customer, and I feel the greed of the bank that wants to make money from the customer somehow.

CICI has said that when there is no money in the bank, then the transactions are delayed, and then it charges, but how often it happens that even when there is money in your account, the transaction still takes place. I also have to give you ₹ 29 three times.

That is, the next time you are using your bank account, then think that you may have to give ₹ 87 in such away.

Not only this, ICICI Bank charges a lot for not maintaining minimum account balance (MAB)

ICICI Bank is a private bank and has a minimum balance of ₹ 10000, that is, in any month, if your snake below ₹ 10000 has to pay a heavy fee, which is ₹ 22 a month to ₹ 700 a quarter. Cuts

How to avoid unnecessary ICICI Bank account charges

I would recommend that you open an account with SBI, it has an account for only ₹ 60000, and you have to maintain ₹ 1000 on the bank, apart from this, I have never had to pay any transaction nor have I ever got MAB. Had to pay

A person can open an account in more than one bank
So that’s why you should not use ICICI Bank account for everyday search, instead of SBI account

I will update this article if ICICI Bank removes it or it works, I do not think it will ever happen.

So much in this article, I hope that you would have liked the information and to get information, you can read articles on mobells.in

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